emmy unlikely dramas Emmys: The best unlikely drama nomineesThis year’s Emmy nominations could bring as many as three or four first-time nominees for best comedy series. That probably won’t be the case, however, among the nominees for outstanding drama series.

We can easily see five of the seven nominees from last year — winner “Mad Men” along with “Breaking Bad,” “Dexter,” “Damages” and “Lost” — making the field again on Thursday (July 8). “The Good Wife” probably has the best chance among any first-year shows to crack the field.

All of that means that several deserving shows are likely to be left out in the cold again. As was the case with the unlikely comedy nominees we wrote about Tuesday, it pains us to think these shows might not make the cut. In alphabetical order:

“Friday Night Lights”: It was on our list last year, and it’s back this year despite a fantastic season that shook up the show’s cast and setting to better results than just about any high school-based show ever has.

“Fringe”: It had its ups and downs, but “Fringe” closed its second season with a run of really strong episodes. That (coupled with the general academy bias against sci-fi shows) probably won’t be enough to get it a nomination, but moreso than last year it deserves to be part of the conversation.

“Parenthood”: NBC’s midseason show flew a little bit under the radar, but like “Friday Night Lights” (with which it shares a showrunner in Jason Katims), it offers a refreshingly honest portrait of family life, sometimes funny and sometimes heartbreaking.

“Sons of Anarchy”: If there’s an FX show in the drama field this year, this should be the one. “SOA” got better over the course of its first season, then took an even bigger creative leap in Season 2. Not to slight “Damages,” which had a decent year, but “Sons” was the superior show and deserves the nod.

“True Blood”: Of all the shows on this list, “True Blood” is probably the most likely nominee. But we can also see some voters being turned off enough by the show’s love of the outrageous — OK, by the sex — and the vampire mythology. If enough of them are to leave the show off the nominee list, you heard it here.

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Posted by:Rick Porter