nurse jackie season 3 Emmys: The comedy series contenders in order from least to most funnyA few weeks ago, Hollywood Reporter TV critic Tim Goodman wrote an article about how it seems like a lot of the recent Emmy nominees for outstanding comedy series aren’t all that funny. He wasn’t harumphing about the quality of comedy on TV; in fact, he’s already said in the past that the sitcom is alive and well.

No, what he was complaining about was that the shows that have been nominated recently and are in contention this year are shows that have more dramatic elements than funny ones, but either because of their format or because of the competition in the drama categories, they have to go up against shows that are much more traditional comedies. And, because shows like “The Big C” or “Glee” are dramatic in nature, the goofier comedies on the ballot don’t ever stand a chance.

We wanted to figure out which shows are truly funnier than some of the ones that have gotten Emmy attention lately. So, using a purely unscientific, completely subjective method, we are taking a cue from our friends at The Awl and ranking all of the comedies that are on the Emmy ballot for outstanding comedy series, starting from the least funny and ending with the most.

Now, most of the rankings are pretty close together, so if we say “Parks and Recreation” is one slot above “Modern Family,” don’t take it too hard; we think both are hilarious, but we have to assign a number. And, just because we think a show is unfunny doesn’t necessarily mean we think the show stinks — “The Big C” is a fine show, but it just doesn’t make us laugh that much. This is an illustrative exercise, people, one that we hope becomes what Oprah always called “a teachable moment.”

Our rankings:

54. “$#*! My Dad Says”
53. “Outsourced”
52. “Workaholics”
51. “Secret Diary Of A Call Girl”
50. “The Big C”
49. “Are We There Yet?”
48. “Nurse Jackie”
47. “Blue Mountain State”
46. “Desperate Housewives”
45. “Rules of Engagement”
44. “United States of Tara”
43. “Mad Love”
42. “Episodes”
41. “Better With You”
40. “Psych”
39.”Glory Daze”
38. “Perfect Couples”
37. “Hung”
36. “Entourage”
35. “Californication”
34. “Eureka”
33. “The Game”
32. “Bored To Death”
31. “Glee”
30. “Weeds”
29. “Chuck”
28. “The Good Guys”
27. “Hot in Cleveland”
26. “Greek”
25. “Melissa & Joey”
24. “Breaking In”
23. “Mr. Sunshine”
22. “Drop Dead Diva”
21. “The Hard Times Of RJ Berger”
20. “Mike & Molly”
19. “After Lately”
18. “Traffic Light”
17. “Eastbound & Down”
16. “The League”
15. “Happy Endings”
14. “Family Guy”
13. “The Increasingly Poor Decisions Of Todd Margaret”
12. “The Big Bang Theory”
11. “Raising Hope”
10. “The Office”
9. “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia”
8. “30 Rock”
7. “The Middle”
6. “How I Met Your Mother”
5. “Louie”
4. “Cougar Town”
3. “Community”
2. “Modern Family”
1. “Parks and Recreation”

How would you rank the would-be nominees for best comedy series in terms of funniness? And should shows that are more inherently dramatic be allowed to compete as comedies?

Posted by:Joel Keller