hugh laurie house 320 Emmys: Zap2it readers pick 'Lost,' 'Modern Family,' Hugh LaurieWe’ve had our say when it comes to predicting Emmy winners. Now you’re having yours.

Over the past few weeks, Zap2it has posted a series of polls asking for your Emmy favorites. You can keep voting for your faves until Sunday’s (Aug. 29) broadcast, but here are the results — as well as what some of you had to say about the nominees — as of 8 p.m. ET Friday.

Drama series: None of the six nominees have a majority of the vote, but the final season of “Lost” has the biggest cheering section, drawing 35.6 percent of the vote. “Dexter” is next at 19.1 percent, followed by “True Blood,” “The Good Wife,” “Mad Men” and “Breaking Bad.”
Your thoughts: “It should go to ‘Dexter’ for being ridiculously intense last season. … But I fully expect ‘Lost’ to take everything despite being pretty down until the finale.” – Dustin

Comedy series: Most forecasters say it will come down to “Modern Family” and “Glee,” but your choice is clear: More than 53 percent of you voted for “Modern Family” to take the trophy to just over 31 percent for “Glee.” None of the other nominees got more than 6 percent of the vote.
Your thoughts: “‘Modern Family’ should win, but ‘Glee’ will win. My opinion is this because ‘Glee’ will not be a quality show as long considering how they blew through so many plot lines and that based off of ‘Nip/Tuck’ Ryan Murphy shows tend to decline in quality. ‘Modern Family’ will be a fantastic show for many years so voters probably won’t be as eager to give it to them this year.” – Burdman

Lead actor, drama: The contenders in this category were relatively even — until late this week, when “House” fans made a major — and we mean major — push to vault Hugh Laurie to the top. Nearly 10,000 people voted for the good doctor (90 percent of the total), leaving everyone else in the dust.
Your thoughts: “Hugh Laurie, can’t believe that man hasn’t won one yet!” – Dan

Lead actress, drama: In one of the closer votes in our polls — and in something of an upset — you chose “Law & Order: SVU” star Mariska Hargitay (28.6 percent) over Julianna Margulies of “The Good Wife” (22.8 percent) and Connie Britton of “Friday Night Lights” (20.3 percent).
Your thoughts: “I would absolutely love Mariska Hargitay to win! Talk about an amazing actress! She outdoes herself everyday!” – Willow t

Lead actor, comedy: Team Sheldon FTW: Jim Parsons of “The Big Bang Theory” scored 42 percent of your votes, way ahead of second-place finisher Alec Baldwin (19.9 percent).
Your thoughts: Apparently this is such a self-evident pick that you felt no need to comment on it.

Lead actress, comedy: Gleeks united behind Lea Michele, whose 34.8 percent of the vote outdistanced NBC stars Tina Fey (21.1 percent) and Amy Poehler (15.3 percent).
Your thoughts: “Lea Michele can sing, but she sure ain’t funny. I don’t think anyone would classify her a ‘a funny woman.’ Therefore … wrong category, Lea.” – Mark

Supporting actor, drama: In a battle of past “Lost” winners, you chose Terry O’Quinn (34.1 percent) over Michael Emerson (22.3 percent). “Breaking Bad’s” Aaron Paul came in third with a little more than 17 percent of the vote.
Your thoughts: “Aaron Paul! If there’s any justice in this world, which there is not.” – Alex

Supporting actress, drama: In another super-tight race, your pick is “Burn Notice’s” Sharon Gless (24.4 percent) over Archie Panjabi of “The Good Wife” (20.3 percent) and Christina Hendricks of “Mad Men” (18.4 percent). All six nominees got at least 11 percent of the vote.
Your thoughts: “My goodness, every one of those women deserves to win. They are all so superb, without exception.” – Dave

Supporting actor, comedy: Underdog Chris Colfer of “Glee” (29.8 percent) narrowly leads “How I Met Your Mother’s” Neil Patrick Harris (28.5 percent) — if your votes match up with the academy’s, at least NPH has already won two Emmys this year.
Your thoughts: “Part of me wants NPH to win it this year, but the truth is his submission for consideration is not all that good and ‘HIMYM’ just isn’t as good as it used to be.” – June

Supporting actress, comedy: No contest here, as nearly 62 percent of you pick “Glee’s” Jane Lynch — the consensus favorite in the category — to walk away with the Emmy.
Your thoughts: “Jane Lynch, even though I don’t watch ‘Glee’ I love her.” – smitty

Don’t like what you see here? Keep voting in the polls. Your votes will be part of KTLA-TV’s Emmy pre-show on Sunday, which you’ll be able to watch live right here.

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