national geographic brain games tca Engage Your Brain: 'Brain Games,' 'None of the Above' and 'Duck Quacks' mess with heads

Need to wake up after a long day? National Geographic has shows for that and brought three of them to the 2014 Television Critics Association tour: “Brain Games,” “None of the Above” and “Duck Quacks Don’t Echo.”

“Brain Games” host Jason Silva started out the presentation with a video showing the psychological effects of “Free Money.” Apparently, people will take lots of money without hesitation if no one is watching. A real person will slow down someone from taking the money. And a picture of big eyes makes people feel so paranoid that they run away with no money at all.

Tom Papa, the host of “Duck Quacks Don’t Echo,” challenged the audience to eat saltine crackers. No really — it’s not possible to eat six saltine crackers in under one minute. The reason has to do with the absorption of all your saliva by the cracker.

“None of the Above” and host Tim Shaw closed up the presentations by showing how to lift a 27.5 pound weight with one arm held straight out from the body. He offered a bunch of money for whoever figured out that spinning the weight at the end of a rod would keep the whole thing up thanks to gyroscopic precession.

All three shows premiere on National Geographic in the winter and spring of 2014.

Posted by:Laurel Brown