entourage final season 'Entourage' going out not with a bang but with a 'vibe'If you’re looking for some huge, movie-teeing-up event in the series finale of “Entourage” in a couple months, you might be disappointed. Series creator Doug Ellin isn’t going out that way.

“[Fellow executive producer Mark Wahlberg] and I sat down at the beginning of the year, before I started writing, just to talk about what kind of vibe we wanted for the show,” Ellin said Thursday (July 28) at the TV critics summer press tour. “And what was important to me more than any kind of story thing was to leave it with an element of, hopefully, the audience going ‘We loved hanging with these guys, and we’ll miss them.’

“It wasn’t about leaving anything open-ended, it wasn’t about closing up anything. It was really just about finding that moment, which hopefully we’ve achieved, that people go, ‘You know what? I’ve really had a good run with these guys.'”

Wahlberg and Ellin both say they’re still very much interested in making a feature film based on the show, but they also wanted to give the show its own ending.

The cast and crew have wrapped shooting on the final season, which debuted Sunday on HBO, and they were making their last formal appearance together on behalf of the show at press tour.

“We’re all choked up,” Adrian Grenier says. “We’ve been together eight years and spent countless hours … creating something we’re all very, very proud of. It’s not only sad to say goodbye to each other, but also to what we’ve created.”

If and when a movie does happen, Ellin won’t lack for material. He says that despite how unrealistic the adventures of Vince (Grenier) and Co. may have seemed from the outside, people in Hollywood have long told him that “Entourage” got its setting mostly right.

“I feel like there was probably more to tell, but it’s been a really great run,” Ellin says. “There’s always stuff where you go, Oh, it would have been nice to get this in or that in, but we accomplished what we set out to do. And it went much longer than any of us anticipated.”

Posted by:Rick Porter