jeremy piven entourage 'Entourage': Jeremy Piven thinks show 'would really benefit' from movie versionJeremy Piven is now filming the last episode of “Entourage,” but he — and we — may yet see more of Hollywood talent agent Ari Gold.

For television purposes, Piven is wrapping up his work as the typically, sometimes atomically manic character on the HBO series, whose eighth and final season begins Sunday, July 24. Creator and executive producer Doug Ellin is considering a movie spinoff, and Piven clearly wouldn’t mind seeing that happen.

“I don’t know much, other than that they really want Doug to write it,” the three-time Emmy winner tells Zap2it. “I think if he comes up with something great, we’ll obviously launch into it. It’s interesting. I had a couple of buddies come to the set the other day, and there was a scene where there’s a pretty heavy confrontation with Mrs. Ari [Perrey Reeves].

“There are so many different sides to us, and Ari has been brought to his knees in a certain respect. How he navigates through it is such a pleasure for me; you wouldn’t wish it upon anyone in real life, but to play it as an actor is so juicy and so fulfilling. I tried that scene two different ways, one being the typical way Ari would bound through the space and get what he wanted, and the other was more appropriate to where he was at.”

The visiting friends had different reactions, Piven reports: “One guy really dug the old-school Ari, and the other one was fascinated with what Ari has become. I think people will be rooting for this guy to get back what he’s lost … and if that is indeed the case, and you want to see Ari regain his footing, that would put us in a really nice position to explore that in a movie.”

Also a co-star of “Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World,” which hits theaters in mid-August, Piven believes an “Entourage” feature film would profit from “opening the show up and letting it breathe over a couple of hours, and getting the bells and whistles that come along with making a movie. I think it would really benefit from that form.”

Posted by:Jay Bobbin