“Entourage” star Adrian Grenier dropped by the KTLA News Morning Show on Tuesday (Sept. 22) and Zap2it caught up with him after the interview. Grenier is promoting his latest project, a documentary film called “Teenage Paparazzo” airing Monday, Sept. 27 on HBO.
No stranger to paparazzi, Grenier was shocked to see a young boy holding his own (and his camera) among veterans more than twice his age. So shocked by the sight of it, he decided to produce a documentary pointed at the paparazzi through his and the teenaged photog’s eyes.
“It’s sort of this glitch in the system where something you just take for granted and you accept on some level,” Grenier tells Zap2it. “Then suddenly you see this little kid and it’s gone too far it seems… I had to ask more questions and figure out what is really going on.”
Austin Visschedyk, the young paparazzo, will soon join the other side of the red rope with Grenier’s film, so we asked the actor how he thought the young man would handle the newfound fame.
“I don’t really know how he’s going to handle it,” says Grenier. “And hopefully in the process of making the film and the film itself will be a guidebook of sorts to help him cope and make healthy decisions about the experience he’s going to go through now.”
Viewers recently got a look at another one of Grenier’s passions: Music. He and his band, The Honey Brothers, appeared in Monday’s (Sept. 20) episode of “90210” on The CW.
“That was really fun and funny to see my band mates on ‘90210,’” he jokes. “We never thought that we would make it and apparently we have.”
Of course, we had to ask if Grenier could give us any intel on the next and last season of HBO’s “Entourage” premiering in Summer 2011. He admits he doesn’t have a clue, but did tell us what he’d like to see happen for his character, Vince.
“I’d really like to see Vince find his true power,” the actor explains. “There’s a lot of superficial strength that comes from money and fame. I’d like Vince to find the real him, the true him, that is beyond all the glitz, the perks of celebrity.”
If you missed him on KTLA, watch the video below:


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Video credit: Matthew Hoffman, Zap2it; KTLA

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