After a brief hiatus due to a 7-game series between the Red Sox and Indians, Bones returns and we learn that victims can be recycled…like plastic bottles, only not.

My spoilers run on a hybrid engine.

The Intro: Brennan and Booth our at a psycho-therapist’s office (played by John Francis Daley, yet another brilliant alum from Freaks and Geeks). He’s a 22-year-old wunderkind with a doctorate…whom Booth will now call "Sweets," sometimes "Dr. Sweets." They have to go to him so it can be determined they can stay partners. They’re given big packets to fill out — what Bones says is some sort of personality test — as part of the eval. But, before they can go home, they’re summoned to a crime scene. Some teenagers found the remains of a person in some unused woods used as a Make-Out Point. Due to the level of composition, Camille called in Brennen…the only catch is that the victim hasn’t been dead that long. And he’s been cooked. Ew.

The Investigation: Our victim, Franklin Curtis — Founder and Owner of a chain of organic food stores. However, there’s a second victim as well, a cashier named Emma Billings from one of his stores. Searching for where Curtis’ body originated from, a neighborhood compost heap that reaches 170-degrees, is where they found Emma’s body and is responsible for the whole cooking thing. Franklin is a philanderer and, while we’re supposed to believe Emma was an affair, she’s really his illegitimate daughter (she was killed accidentally, he was not). So, between the infidelities, the bullying and hostile takeovers of other people’s farms, Cat Curtis (the legitimate daughter) wasn’t exactly happy with her old man. She found out about and went and confronted Emma, who fell and cracked her head on the corner of a table, killing her instantly. She got ex-boyfriend and family friend Charles Rogan to hide the body in the compost heap. Franklin found him in the act and rushed Charlie, impaling himself on Charlie’s pitchfork. Gotta love the old "you unknowingly killed a relative" bit. All the CSI extensions swear by it. The only reason they threw dear old dad’s body somewhere it can be found is so Momma Curtis (played by Denise Crosby) could collect on the life insurance since he gave all his fortune and property away to charity. I have to say that the writers impressed me by giving me little bits of information that lead to various assumptions of what was really going on. Kudos.

The Booth/Brennan Connection:
The big thing in this episode is clearly the therapy sessions they have to attend. I’m not sure how many episodes he’s going to be in, but Dr. Sweets isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The FBI is determining whether Bones needs to be paired with another Fed since Booth arrested and will be testifying against Brennan’s dad. While I could care less about all that stuff, the interaction between Booth, Brennan and Sweets is fantastic. Booth is constantly belittling that poor kid (not to be mean, exactly, he’s just being him) and it’s quite hilarious. The big personal revelation came at the end of the episode when they were trying to convince Dr. Sweets that they didn’t have any deeper connection than that of partners, which pretty much tanked when Booth got all hurt when Brennan said she wouldn’t have coffee with him if their were no more murders. It’s going to be fun to watch them squirm a little in Sweets’ office.

The Sub-Plot: There really wasn’t one — mainly they talked about the environment and organics and such. The writers did a good job of not sounding preachy or being overbearing while working in some interesting factoids and sustainable alternatives. In standard Bones form, Booth and Brennan argued some facets of both sides of the organic coin (Booth’s main thing was he shouldn’t have to spend $4 on a single tomato — which I totally feel).

Quotes of the Night: "Why the pinchy face, Bones?" – Booth to Brennan after she heard a bit of puzzling information

"The road to the apocalypse is paved with disposal food containers, my friend." – Lendon Paige when Booth asked for a to-go cup for his pineapple smoothie

"I’ll crush you like a bug, dude." — Angela to Emma’s stalker Noel when he expressed a slight interest in her

Next week is the Halloween episode. Camille is dressed as Catwoman, Brennan dresses up like Wonder Woman and fanboys everywhere drool so much they short out their keyboards.

Posted by:Tamara Brooks