castor sotto episodes season 3 finale 'Episodes' Season 3 finale: 'Pucks!' shambles on like a zombie (which Castor loves, btw)“Episodes” ends Season 3 with more a whimper than a bang, as “Pucks!” gets canceled, freeing up Matt LeBlanc to join the high-touted NBC pilot by Andrew Lesley and Sean and Beverly Lincoln to head back to England.

Except Elliot Salad gets wind (and by “gets wind,” we mean Merc Lapidus tells him on purpose) of LeBlanc’s new pilot and promptly orders six new episodes of “Pucks!”, which the crew will be contractually obligated to produce. Sigh.

Of course, it’s unlikely the creators will put viewers through another season of “Pucks!” drudgery in Season 4, but at least it keeps the core trio together for a bit. It also gives Carol more time to sway the Lincolns on doing their amazing comedy script — and maybe Susan Sarandon can guest star.

The best part of the whole finale is Castor Sotto’s swan song, when he goes off the deep end and makes a rather scathing rant about the television landscape today. After declaring that network TV is dead and that in order to compete with cable channels and the internet they must churn out programming that is unpredictable — like zombies — he then says this:

“We gotta throw away the rules. Who says one show’s has to end before another one can start? … Say you’re in the middle of some cooking show — some woman’s cooking and cooking and all of a sudden the bad guy from one of our dramas runs in with a f***ing gun and holds her f***ing hostage. Meanwhile, she has no idea what the f*** is happening! She’s like, ‘AHH! What the f*** is happening?!’ and people are tweeting and twittering, ‘You gotta watch this, turn it on!’ Then one of the cops from the drama runs in and shoots him. I mean actually shoots him. … So we’ll have to pay him more, you know there are actors who will do it. So we shoot him, then the police run in — the real police. And it’s news. Then we cut to our news guy, that’s when our news show starts. We make the news, then we report the news. And nobody’s going to report it before us before us because we’re the only ones who know what’s going to happen. It’s TV for a new century and that’s why they’re gonna watch us and not the other guys!”

Amazing. We’ll look for that on FOX in 2017. Sorry to you see you go, crazy Castor.

“Episodes” will return next year with Season 4 on Showtime.

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