After 15 seasons and 331 episodes, NBC’s beloved medical drama “ER” will say its good-byes this Thursday (April 2). Original cast members have come, gone and come back again, but fans still can’t get enough.

The Episodes:

The Los Angeles Times takes a look back at three memorable episodes that will stick with them forever.

    The Pilot: ’24 Hours’
    Season One: ‘Love’s Labor Lost’
    Season Six: ‘Be Still My Heart’

— Merely dropping by the “ER” had perks of its own. Both big-name and character actors picked up an Emmy nomination when they visited, including Ewan McGregor, William H. Macy, Swoosie Kurtz, Alan Alda, James Cromwell, Sally Field, Mary McDonnell, Don Cheadle, Bob Newhart, Ray Liotta, James Woods and Forest Whitaker.

‘ER’s’ animal antics: Animal guest stars — People weren’t the only ones who showed up in the “ER” looking for medical attention. Other patients included a camel, chimpanzee, shark and miniature pony.

On the ‘ER’ set: The final rounds — On the last day of filming, cast members get nostalgic and reveal what working on “ER” has meant to them.

Finally, get ready to say good-bye with the video below and see clips from the series finale as well as memorable moments from seasons past.

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