“I don’t know how aware of it she is,” says “Parenthood” star Erika Christensen of her character, Julia Braverman-Graham, “but her motherly instincts really start to come out in this season, which is really cool.”

On Monday (Sept. 12), we caught up with Christensen when she stopped by the KTLA Morning Show to talk about the upcoming third season of the NBC show. Christensen’s character is a mom of one who hopes to adopt a second child along with husband Joel (Sam Jaeger).

“You’re starting to see some of the frustration that is setting in with the long adoption process,” says Christensen. “It’s been nearly nine months and she doesn’t have a child yet that she’s going through the process with.”

Watch the video above for more on “Parenthood” and Christensen’s own family planning.

Watch Christensen’s KTLA Morning Show interview here.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson