erin andrews espy 3 Erin Andrews leaving ESPN?First a Justin Bieber death hoax on Twitter, and now this? The Twitter-sphere is all abuzz over a tweet from unconfirmed account @ESPNSteve, stating Monday (March 12), “ESPN confirmed that the ACC Tournament is the last scheduled assignment for Erin Andrews. Her contract (and others) are coming up.”

After many questioned the validity of the statement, he followed up with, “Folks I stand by previous tweet in regards to @ErinAndrews. She will be missed by everyone here at the ESPN staff.”

Sports Illustrated writer Richard Deitsch noted that: “I have no idea who @espnsteve is but the account started March 10, 2012. I’d look at the previous tweets there regarding authenticity.”

But you can breathe a sigh of relief, because ESPN spokesman Mike Soltys tells USA Today that the tweet’s a fake.

“She’s still under contract and we hope to renew her,” he says. Andrews is currently in contract negotiations, so who knows? Maybe the faux tweet was onto something.

Posted by:Jennifer Harper