erin andrews twitter troll Erin Andrews responds to Internet threats: 'Twitter needs policing'

The Internet community has let its nasty side show over the past couple of days. Less than a day after we reported on the Twitter abuse Adele took following her baby announcement, yet another celebrity has become the target of an angry Twitter user.

Fox Sports host Erin Andrews has been receiving a number of threatening messages from a Twitter user by the name of @hyuncmartinez. Mashable has collected a lot of the tweets sent Andrews’ way, but one in particular seemed to push her to respond.

“Why twitter needs policing,” Andrews tweets, retweeting hyuncmartinez’s statement, “@ErinAndrews You make eye contact with me and I will chop you apart. You are just a bad thing.”

The woman behind these tweets, whose name seems to be Hyun K. Chung, seemingly responded to Andrews’ tweet by saying, “My tweet became like a zoo. Learn to learn you stupid American.”

Though we don’t know if policing is the right word for it, it’s become increasingly clear that something needs to be done to combat bullying on the Internet. It’s not right for anyone to have to live with this sort of cruelty in their lives.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz