erin holdsworth topless drunk driver Erin Holdsworth video: Drunk and topless at 128 MPHSometimes, viral videos feature adorable British children biting each other, or perhaps a wide-eyed little boy experiencing his first mind-altering substance after a dentist’s visit.

And sometimes they feature drunk, naked women driving recklessly.

Such is the case with the latest viral video of 28-year-old Erin Holdsworth, who led Ohio cops on a high speed chase up to 128 miles per hour when they tried to pull her over. Ultimately, stop-kicks were placed in the road, which punctured her tires and forced her to submit.

The classy lady was wearing a G-string, fishnet stockings and tennis shoes. And that’s all.

She wasn’t too happy about the tire incident — allegedly she kicked out the police cruiser’s window once they got her in the back seat.

You’re welcome.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie