Decent Dallas citizens do not take kindly to folks just willy-nilly stripping down to their birthday suits in public. It’s just not right and proper. And there are laws, people, laws!

Erykah Badu will learn that today when she is formally charged with disorderly conduct over her nude video (“Window Seat”) shoot that took place in the middle of downtown Dallas.

]]>TMZ, the announcement will be made by the Dallas Police Department at a press conference this afternoon. Erykah took her clothes off in the middle of Dealey Plaza — the place where JFK was assassinated in 1963 — for her music video. A Texas woman filed an indecency complaint with the Dallas Police Department. No news about any single bullet theory. Follow Zap2it’s Dish Rag on Twitter and Facebook  for the latest celebrity news and buzz. More Erykah Badu dish: Erykah Badu music video; The naked, then the dead

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead