esperanza spalding wikipedia justin bieber Esperanza Spaldings Wikipedia page unites Justin Bieber fans <i>and</i> haters in vandalism
Hell hath no fury like some Bieber fans scorned (or the Bieber haters, who are just about as obsessed with him as the fans are).

Portland-based jazz singer/songwriter Esperanza Spalding took home the Best New Artist Grammy Sunday night (Feb. 13) and sure, we had never heard of her either. But we thought, “Good for her!” and immediately looked her up on YouTube, like most normal people probably did.

But not Justin Bieber fans (or haters, which we’ll get to). They took to her Wikipedia page. In the one screengrab of the incident (pictured above), her middle name has been changed to “Quesadilla” and someone has added, “Justin Bieber deserved it go die in a hole. Who the heck are you anyway?” So racist vandalism and a death wish. Nice.

Looking at her revision history on the site, there were four changes labeled “possible vandalism” and then her page was changed to “protected” due to “persistent vandalism.”

But it can’t be all tween Bieber fans, as one of the edits put “On February 13th, Esperanza won the Grammy for Best New Artist, beating out Nominee Justina Bieber,” which was later changed to, “beating out Nominee and gay favorite Justina Bieber.”

Another edit says, “She now has the 2011 Grammy for being the Best new Artist! Even though no one has ever heard of her! Yay!” and still another reads, ” HaHa Justin Bieber, you’re just a little boy with no Grammy for Best New Artist.” You can read all the edits here.

We’ll be interested to see what Bieber has to say about this when he wakes up (it’s pretty early on the West Coast right now and he was probably out pretty late). Last night he tweeted, “As
for the awards…of course I wanted to win. Its been & still is a
dream to win a grammy. Was I upset…yes. But I was happy for her also.”
He has always seemed pretty gracious to us and we think he’ll be rather upset at what his fans were up to last night (not that they were the only ones, but he has no control over the haters).

And in case you don’t know how awesome Spalding is, here is Esperanza performing at the White House. Below that is her backstage video with the Bieb himself.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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