chris fowler chokes gi espn ESPN announcer Chris Fowler saved by Jesse Palmer during Pinstripe Bowl

The Pinstripe Bowl almost took a very sad turn Sunday (Dec. 29). ESPN announcer Chris Fowler reveals he nearly choked to death on a sandwich during the college football bowl game’s halftime break.

Fortunately, Fowler had broadcast partner Jesse Palmer there to save him. Fowler took to Twitter to recount the almost-tragic incident.

“Never before needed a Heimlich at halftime. (Or any time)!
thanks Jesse Palmer! He saved me from death by dry chicken sandwich.
Really,” Fowler tweets.

He continues, “Not bad to have quick thinking, ex-NFL player around when Heimlich needed. I’ll take bruised ribs to avoid choking!”

Seriously, thank you Palmer for your quick reflexes. Somehow we doubt they celebrated the near-disaster with more sandwiches.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz