vince young gi ESPY Awards 2012: Vince Young's pick for Olympic goldSanya Richards-Ross – that’s my girl,” Buffalo Bills quarterback Vince Young tells Zap2It on the red carpet at the 2012 ESPY Awards Wednesday night (July 11) when asked about his Summer Olympic picks.

“She’s a big track star; I went to school with her,” he says. “That’s my girl, my sister. I’m just gonna support her and pretty much everybody. I’m very happy about everybody and the success they’re doing out there.”

The 2006 NFL Rookie of the Year and two-time Pro Bowl player was traded to the Bills this year after serving front and center for the Philadelphia Eagles in 2011, and Tennessee Titans from 2006-2010. He begins the fall season fresh and “waiting for the football,” though the transition to New York may require a little fine-tuning in his game, not to mention a change in climate.
“We up north — way up north — it gets pretty cold up there so I’m gonna have to adjust,” comments the 29-year-old. “Overall, I would look at the team’s organization. It’s pretty similar, but everybody has a come and go to be the best. And anything I can do to help out, I wanna make sure I come in and take care of my role.”
For the ESPY Award-winner, despite the moves and gains in his career, he still looks back to his college days for inspiration.
“The best decision I ever made was to go to the University of Texas,” says Young. “Because of all the business ventures you are able to have off the field, and also just the love, you know? The relationships with my old teammates, my friends, my professors — they’re my friends and buddies and teach me a lot of things not just about sports, but when I’m off the field.”
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