Etta-James.jpgWe have some sad news to report. According to EW, iconic singer Etta James is terminally ill with leukemia.The 73-year-old singer was hospitalized earlier this year for the blood infection sepsis and a urinary tract infection. Within the last two weeks, her leukemia has been declared incurable.

Lupe De Leon, her manager of 30 years tells EW, “Etta has a
terminal illness. She’s in the final stages of leukemia. She has also
been diagnosed with dementia and Hepatitis C. She’s in a home right now
and mostly sleeps. She is under the care of a live-in doctor from
Riverside Community Hospital and two others who have placed her on
oxygen. Her husband is with her 24 hours a day, and her sons visit
regularly. We’re all very sad. We’re just waiting.”

She mentions James’ most recent album, “The Dreamer.” “It’s ironic because she sounded so vibrant and powerful on it. It was only recorded two and a half years ago.”

It’s a sad day for music fans around the world. Etta, we’re playing “At Last” in the office in your honor.

Posted by:jbusch