Colin-Ferguson-Eureka-Syfy.jpg“Eureka” will premiere it’s final (sniff) season on Monday, April 16 on Syfy, and we got a chance to chat with star Colin Ferguson. There are some huge changes this season and Ferguson gives us a tease about what’s coming.

“We went out on top, so that’s how I like to think. It was a six-year contract and we did six years, so the realist in me goes, ‘Yeah, that’s okay.’ It’s not like we got yanked mid-run. I just try be positive in my own life. I met some amazing people. It did great things for me. I’m nothing but grateful. But yeah, there are the wistful moments when you go, aw, it’s such a shame because we were doing so well.”

There is a moment between two of the characters that some fans and shippers have been wondering about for years now. We won’t spoil it for you, but Ferguson says there was a reason we thought that. “We were playing it! We were! We said, ‘I wonder if this is ever going to happen,'” he laughs, “but we really enjoyed playing it. We would lean into it.”

Something so huge happens in the premiere that there isn’t much we can say directly. We asked Ferguson how he would tease this season. “It’s a tough one. If you don’t know what’s coming,” he says about the end of the episode, “You go ‘holy s***!’ It’s a great moment. I would just tease the quality of it. Smarter Carter, which is an episode where I get really smart — it turned out really funny. That was my ode to Doctor Faustus. And I loved, loved loved doing that.”

He continues, “There is also a jack of all trades bod swapping episode where we start doing impressions of each other. That’s a really funny episode. There are also really moving episodes where you get to hit things really hard because you’re not coming back. “

They’ve also got some guest stars coming up. “Matt Frewer comes back. James Callis comes back. It’s really, really cool, the way it happens. Wallace Shawn comes back. He’s so good! We have a nice send off!”

“Eureka” Season premieres on Monday, April 16 on Syfy.

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