eureka-salli-richardson-whitfield-niall-matter-joe-morton-erica-cerra-neil-grayston-colin-ferguson-syfy-friendly-fire“Eureka” Season 5 has been going so well, it’s likely that network executives are second guessing their decision to make this the final season. Episode 4, “Friendly Fire” is no different. Not only are we dealing with the science mishaps of the week, but there are the consequences to the Astraeus crew being in the matrix and everyone’s grief over Holli’s (Felicia Day) death.

In the past two weeks, we’ve had stars Colin Ferguson and Neil Grayston who play Carter and Fargo on the Afterbuzz TV wrap up show. This week, Grant Imahara from “Mythbusters” joined the discussion about the science of the show, how the group is going to get through this change and how nice it is to see a show stick with the changes they made in a timeline without saying it was all a dream.

Check out myself, Jennings Roth Cornet and Grant Imahara in the video below and let us know what you think. Are you loving the season so far? Feel free to tweet us about the discussion and leave your comments below. Be sure to tune in next week. Creator Jaime Paglia will be joining us. “Eureka” airs Monday nights on Syfy. FYI: There is a small “Avengers” spoiler between 24:40-25:40.

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