colin ferguson eureka syfy 'Eureka' Season 5: Colin Ferguson teases more Jo and CarterIn the premiere of “Eureka,” Season 5, Jo (Erica Cerra) and Carter (Colin Ferguson) share a kiss. In this virtual world, Allison (Salli Richardson-Whitfield) and the Astraeus crew have been missing for four years and Jo and Carter have become a couple.

We chatted with Ferguson about what’s coming and whether or not Jo and Carter will be done when the the group finally gets out of virtual Eureka. “Oh yeah,” he says. “This isn’t over. Oh, it’s not done. It definitely doesn’t turn into ‘The Bold and the Beautiful.’ That’s not what we do, but we don’t sweep it under the rug.”

We asked if Carter and Allison were meant to be. Ferguson says, “I’m not a believer in destiny or fate. I don’t want to give away that power. I think you make your own decisions. I think if they want it to work, they will make it work. I think destiny in terms of relationships is more about what you decide to do.”

We haven’t seen the last of Senator Wen (Ming-Na) either. She’s back with a vengeance starting in Episode 3. “There’s actually a really dark turn. You’re gonna love the senator run. Everything is great about this season. I don’t talk this way. I didn’t talk this way about season four. I wasn’t like ‘Yeah, it’s great!’ But this is great. It’ll drop your jaw. It’s so off show. You know, funny sometimes, and then takes a turn.”

Niall Matter (Zane) and Ferguson have a great way to spend “Eureka” night. “We’re going to  stalk the Twitter feed to see how people react, and we wait for it, and we wait for it, and it’s like ‘Oh, here comes the Joe kiss. Yup! There they go!’ It’s really similar to opening night, because you work a play or whatever, and the audience is there for the first time, so as much as you can put me in anything, nothing means anything until the audience has seen it. So to watch people take that ride is such a rush.”

“Eureka” airs Monday nights on Syfy.

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