eureka neil grayston season 5 force quit syfy 'Eureka' Season 5 'Force Quit': Neil Grayston spills what's coming“Eureka” may be on its final season, but it’s the best season so far. In the first three episodes, which are a story unto themselves, we find out that the Astraeus crew has been kidnapped and placed into a virtual world. Star Neil Grayston who plays Fargo stopped by AfterBuzz TV and gave us the scoop on what’s coming.

Grayston tells us that the storyline with Beverly (Debrah Farentino) is going to have a really satisfying ending. He even gave a couple of details. He says that we’re going to feel the effects of Holli’s (Felicia Day) death for quite a while. He even shares a story about the worst moment on set. It involves slime.

We made some predictions and Grayston says some of them are correct. Check out the video below with myself and Grayston and see which ones you think are going to come true. “Eureka” airs Monday nights on Syfy.

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