eureka colin ferguson jordan hinson 'Eureka' series finale: 5 things to watch out for in the farewell episodeIt’s time to say goobye to “Eureka.”

Syfy’s delightful show — about a secret high-tech town of barmy brainiacs and a sensible sheriff who comes to the rescue when the scientists’ experiments go horribly wrong  — ends its five-season run tonight.

Know this: Showrunner Jaime Paglia and his team pulled off a major coup with “Eureka’s” series finale, which they essentially produced in a single week. Why the time crunch? Last August, days after Syfy announced the show was being renewed for a six-episode sixth season, producers were told that its fifth season would be its last. Fortunately, the network granted Paglia’s request for an extra episode to give the series the sendoff its fans deserved.

And the finale, “Just Another Day,” does not disappoint. It is packed with Easter eggs, special guest stars and callbacks to pivotal moments in the show. Here a few things to watch out for on Monday (July 16) night:

Special guests: In addition to some very familiar faces, look out for appearances by both Paglia and co-executive producer Matt Hastings, who also directed tonight’s episode. Hastings has a few lines as “Robert the Moving Boss,” and Paglia is applauding in a crowd at the end of the episode.

Vital signs: The “Eureka” crew paid a surprise tribute to Hastings and Paglia with storefront signage on Eureka’s main street: Hastings Hoverboards and Paglia Propulsion Products.

Farewell song: With “Eureka” composer Bear McCreary (also known for “Battlestar Galactica” and “The Walking Dead”) Paglia cowrote the song “You Are My Home,” played during a key montage in the finale. Paglia told Zap2it he had always planned to do a musical episode for “Eureka,” so he is grateful that he could incorporate one song.

Oh, snap! Paglia couldn’t resist referencing “Eureka’s” abrupt cancellation in the finale’s storyline and dialogue. In context, the characters’ remarks seem perfectly innocuous, but they’ll provoke a “Ha!” from viewers familiar with the controversy.

Revisiting the past (or is it the future?): If you have a few hours to kill before tonight’s finale, rewatch “Eureka’s” pilot and first-season finale, “Once in a Lifetime.” But even if you’ve only seen these episodes once, you’ll still appreciate tonight’s callbacks to some pivotal scenes in “Eureka’s” mythology. Oh yeah, that stuffed polar bear means something too.

Finally, make sure your preparations for tonight include buying a giant box of Kleenex. You’ll need ’em. 

“Eureka’s” season finale airs Monday, July 16 at 9 p.m. on Syfy. (Check back here later for the recap and a postmortem with Jaime Paglia.)

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