cocktails with stan colin ferguson stan lee eureka youtube 'Eureka' star Colin Ferguson chats with Stan Lee on 'Cocktails With Stan'“Eureka” is having its strongest season ever and fans are still heartbroken that this is the last one. Star Colin Ferguson is blowing everyone away with his portrayal of Carter, the fish-out-of-water sheriff who’s so much a part of Eureka that the town couldn’t survive without him.

Ferguson stopped by Stan Lee‘s new weekly web series “Cocktails With Stan” on the YouTube channel “World of Heroes.” The two talked about the show, how you keep the science and physics believable in comics and science fiction and what they both geek out over.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think. Don’t miss Stan comparing Superman and Thor, and their flying methods. “Cocktails With Stan” airs every Friday on “World of Heroes.” “Eureka” airs Monday nights on Syfy.

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