eurkea collin ferguson syfy ending 'Eureka': Syfy orders one more episode of awkwardly canceled series

In a move that makes Syfy seem more like a fickle boyfriend than a major cable network, the recently renewed… and then promptly canceled “Eureka” is getting one extra episode after all.

Writer and executive producer Amy Berg confirms the news on Twitter.

“Rumors are true,” she writes. “Syfy and Universal are giving us one additional episode
so we can end the series on our terms. Working on it now!”

Syfy’s decision to cut the Season 6 order came just days before filming was scheduled to begin on what would have been the final episode, preventing any sort of closure for the show.

So for those of you keeping track, the number of Season 6 episodes remains a depressing “0,” but Season 5 total is now a respectable 14. And there are still 5 to go in the current fourth season, so the goodbye for “Eureka” will be a long one.

Alright, “Eureka” fans, sound off. Are you pleased with the turn of events or still steaming over the unceremonious backpedaling on Season 6.

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell