eva longoria teri hatcher2 Eva Longoria launches fragrance, restaurant reality show 'Beso: Waiting to be Famous'“Desperate Housewives” star Eva Longoria has two new projects. One is her new fragrance — Eva — and the other is a reality show about the fame-seeking waiters and waitresses working at her restaurant called “Beso: Waiting to be Famous,” which will be on VH1 in the fall.

We talked with Eva at the launch party held, naturally, at Beso  (“Housewives” costars Teri Hatcher, Felicity Huffman were on hand, but no sign of Nicollette Sheridan, who has accused DH creator Marc Cherry of slapping her). The bash was also being filmed for the new VH1 reality show, which we were dying to ask about. But first, we had to find out about the smelly stuff.

]]>The Dish Rag. “I’m highly allergic to perfume, that’s why I created this. I wanted something women could wear all the time, all day long without getting a headache, sneezing or reacting to it.”
What’s involved? “It took about 5 months. I knew I wanted a grapefruit/citrus tone with a floral underlay.  And then we went to different perfume houses and they created all these different samples. I tried them, alternated them, tweaked them. It’s a process. Between the bottling, liquid color, the cap, the art, the font, boy it was something.  But I wanted everything to be just right.” Cris Abrego, the executive producer of the upcoming “Beso” TV show, was on hand filming the star-studded fragrance launch and he spoke with us about the new reality program. “It’s the behind the scenes world of all the aspiring actors and actresses who come here to chase a dream and to become people like Eva,” Abrego explains. “When they work at Beso, every evening there is always somebody from Hollywood here. They’re always so close to it. This establishment lets their wait staff pursue their dream of becoming an actor/actress.” Applications now being accepted. Just kidding. We have no idea if they’re hiring. But the producer does seem to imply that you may get a pitch, a script, a resume, or a even video reel from your waiter along with the check. Follow Zap2it on Twitter and Zap2it on Facebook for the latest celebrity news and buzz. More Desperate Housewives dish: ‘Desperate Housewives’ scared to cross Marc Cherry, says source
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