Eva Longoria-Parker officially launched Beso, her new restaurant, (with celebrity chef Todd English) last night with a great big bash sponsored by Hornitos.

Noticeably MIA were her "Desperate Housewives" costars Marcia Cross and Teri Hatcher, the latter rumored to not be real buddy-buddy with Eva. "Teri won’t go. They hate each other," an actress who appeared on the show in 2006 told Dish Rag on Thursday morning.

But DH alum James Denton, creator Marc Cherry, Dana Delaney, Nicollette  Sheridan (all dolled up in a bright orange silk dress) came out to support her. Pals Sheryl Crow and Mario Lopez also got fancy and cheerfully posed with Eva and Todd for the photogs.


Actressfe_john_15607442_600Felicity Huffman, who came with hubby William H. Macy, (with a small bandage under his eye where he’d had something "removed") showed up. But Flicka wasn’t wearing her Happy Face.

You know that blank, slightly surly expression on a teenager’s face when Mom makes them do something they don’t want to do? Yup, that was the look.

"The restaurant in DH is probably what gave my character cancer and I would never open one myself," Felicity told the Dish Rag when she arrived. "I think it took six Evas to put this together but she’s a real force of nature and there’s  nothing that she can’t do."

Force of nature? Hmm. Like an earthquake,  a tornado or a hurricane? Or maybe  … a mudslide?  I guess that description could be a compliment. Or …

Flicka certainly didn’t bother to get spruced up for the soiree. And she was happy to explain why.

"I’m wearing a hat because my hair’s dirty and a jacket because I didn’t take a shower."

Hope everybody stood downwind.

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead