eva longoria waldrobe malfunction cannes film festival Eva Longoria's wardrobe malfunction at Cannes Film Festival: Actress makes fun of herself on TwitterIt seems like there’s been a lot of red carpet incidents lately involving stars’ lady parts. First Anne Hathaway flashed photographers getting out of her car at the New York premiere of “Les Miserables,” then Gwyneth Paltrow revealed she needed some serious grooming before the “Iron Man 3” premiere.

Now Eva Longoria has gotten in on the … fun?

At the premiere for “Jimmy P. (Psychotherapy Of A Plains Indian)” at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival over the weekend, Longoria pulled up her beautiful turquoise gown as she ascended a staircase on the red carpet so as not to trip — and flashed photographers her underwear-less nether regions. Oops.

To her immense credit, Longoria has been making fun of herself about it on Twitter. 

“Here’s my dress for tonight! No wardrobe malfunctions tonight!!!,” the actress tweeted the day following her unfortunate flashing.

Now, we may be old-fashioned, but … why not just wear underwear?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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