While appearing on the “Late Show with David Letterman” Thursday, actress Eva Mendes talked about someone special in her life. Not her boyfriend Ryan Gosling, but her dog, a Belgian Malinois named Hugo. “All he wants to do is prove his love to me, you know, all he wants to do is kill for me,” she says of smaller critters they find on walks, “It’s so sweet.”
When Letterman asks if she has a problem with her dog chasing and capturing squirrels, Mendes says she doesn’t let it happen, admitting she uses a shock collar. She says that people always get mad when she talks about the collar, but she’s tried it on herself at all levels. When asked exactly what that means, Mendes explains, “It goes from like, zero to 110.”
While her dog wears the collar around her neck, Mendes doesn’t go quite that far. “I tested it on my arm,” she says, “It’s more than a tingle. It’s way more than a tingle.” She then compared the shock she got from the collar to a joy buzzer kids wear on their hands to jolt each other, adding, “It’s like that, but intensified the higher you go with the levels.”
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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