evan longoria tampa bay rays 100 million dollar contract extension Evan Longoria: Tampa Bay Rays agree to $100M contract extensionAfter a surprising long-term contract deal early in Evan Longoria‘s MLB career, the Tampa Bay Rays have made another bold move, extending the third baseman’s contract through 2022, with an option for 2023.

The cost of the extension? A mere $100 million. According to a report by MLB.com, Rays owner Stuart Sternberg, says the team intends to grow with Longoria.

“We drafted Evan in 2006 with the belief that he and the organization would grow with each other and together accomplish great things,” says Sternberg. “That is why the Rays and Evan signed a long-term contract in 2008, and it is why we are extending our commitments today. Evan has clearly become a cornerstone player and a fixture in our organization. We are proud of what we have accomplished these past seven years, and I expect the best is yet to come.”

Despite missing more than half of the 2012 season for a torn hamstring, Longoria had a successful run once he was active on the roster.

The two-time Gold Glove winner recently underwent a procedure and his hamstring is expected to be fully recovered in time for spring training.

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