evelyn lauder gi Evelyn Lauder, creator of the breast cancer pink ribbon, dead at 75Evelyn Lauder, who spent decades at the top of one of the world’s biggest cosmetic companies and devoted much of her time to charities and raising breast cancer awareness, died on Saturday at 75, reports Women’s Wear Daily.

Lauder, the daughter-in-law of Estee Lauder, came up with the name of the Clinique makeup line in the 1960s. But  her most memorable achievement is creating (along with friend Alexandra Penney) the pink ribbon campaign to raise awareness about breast cancer and breast self exams. In October, she reminisced about the campaign in an interview with the Associated Press.

“There had been no publicity about breast cancer, but a confluence of events — the pink ribbon, the color, the press, partnering with Elizabeth Hurley, having Estee Lauder as an advertiser in so [many] magazines and persuading so many of my friends who are health and beauty editors to do stories about breast health — got people talking,” Lauder said.

Lauder was diagnosed with nongenetic ovarian cancer in 2007. She died of complications related to the disease.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson