Sarah Jessica Parker looked pretty chic — tweedy mid-calf skirt suit, faux bowler, silver-heeled stilettos — at Annie Leibowitz’s Vogue magazine photo shoot in New York for the upcoming "Sex and the City: The Movie."

Hatactresssa_james_51533207_600_2But even she suffers from what all hat lovers are plagued by: Hat Hair! Check out what her hair looks like underneath that fabulous black cloche/bowler. Ouch.

Hope it’s all better by March 13, when SJP will be honored at ShoWest in Las Vegas with the inaugural Vanguard Award at the closing night ceremony  at the Paris Hotel.

She’s not only got a successful film career —  "Failure to Launch, "First Wives Club,"  "The Family Stone" and the upcoming "Smart People"  (also starring Ellen Page) — but she launched a wallet-friendly clothing line, Bitten.

I’d say things are working out just fine for SJP.

Heck, even if "Sex" tanks (it opens May 30 and is rumored to be screening at the Cannes Film Festival), she’ll weather the storm just fine.

But enough about her film career. Let’s take a closer look at those shoes!


Photos: WireImage

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead