treat williams may 2006 gi Treat Williams: 'Against the Wall' could keep him from 'Dark Knight Rises,' TarantinoTreat Williams says the primetime lineup may have more blue bloods soon, and he’ll be one of them.

The former “Everwood” star is committed to another family-oriented police drama, “Against the Wall,” and he believes the series could start on Lifetime as soon as June. “We shot the pilot in December, and it was picked up last month,” Williams tells Zap2it. “We start principal photography April 25th, and we’ll be done by the end of the summer. And I guess if they like what they see, they’ll pop us on in June.”

Also starring multiple Emmy winner Kathy Baker (“Picket Fences”), plus Rachael Carpani as the young Internal Affairs officer who fuels much of the drama, “Against the Wall” certainly wouldn’t mark Williams’ first turn as a cop … especially after his memorable performance in the 1981 movie “Prince of the City.”

“A lot of it hopefully will address the family dynamic of this group of Catholic Polish-Americans living in Chicago,” Williams says. “All of them are cops and have that mentality, and the kids all come home on Sundays to watch the Bears games.”

Williams realizes the Windy City already is represented by another police show, “The Chicago Code” on FOX. “Here’s the problem,” he reasons. “You don’t have many occupations where things happen all the time that create drama. One is in a hospital, and another is on the streets with policemen. I hope there’s room for one more family police drama; I want my son to get through college [on the resulting paychecks].”

In the meantime, Williams is busy with other projects. He’s in Montreal filming the movie “Blackbird” with Kate Mara, an “Everwood” guest star who also was in the Oscar-nominated “127 Hours,” as was Williams; he travels to libraries to give readings from a children’s book he used his private-pilot experience to write, “Air Show!”; and he reteams with “Everwood” co-star Emily VanCamp in CBS’ “Hallmark Hall of Fame” drama�“Beyond the Blackboard” Sunday, April 24.

Because of his commitment to “Against the Wall,” Williams says he likely would be unavailable for two movies he’s been rumored for: a Quentin Tarantino-guided Western and director Christopher Nolan’s forthcoming Batman installment, “The Dark Knight Rises.”

Williams muses, “What that’s old adage? ‘Don’t worry what people say, as long as your name is spelled right.’ I think ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ came up before [‘Against the Wall’] was set, because that might take me into September. I think that would be a direct conflict. But we should all have such problems, right?”

Posted by:Jay Bobbin