chris pratt jurassic world lego Everything remains awesome: Chris Pratt reveals 'Jurassic World' LEGO figure

Still haven’t had enough of the Chris Pratt world domination? You’re in luck because the “Parks and Recreation” star is revealed his “Jurassic World” LEGO figure on Facebook on Wednesday (Feb. 4). 

“Everything is awesome!!” Pratt exclaims, because it is. The figure matches Owen’s (Pratt) look in the film, down to the stubble and handy vest. The LEGO figurine is completely ready to take on hybrid dinosaurs and save the world once again from the majestic reptilian beasts that once ruled the world. 
Pratt’s LEGO figure reveal comes on the same day that WB Games released the teaser trailer for the LEGO “Jurassic World” video game — featuring a LEGO T-rex that has a bit of trouble reattaching his jaw. That might not be as intimidating as the actual “Jurassic World” trailer but it’s pretty hilarious anyway. 
The video game will be out this June, as well as the movie which hits theaters on June 12. 
Posted by:Megan Vick