Lily Collins.jpgSome fans are thrilled that there will be an “Evil Dead” remake. Some would rather die then see “A Farewell to Arms” show up anywhere but in the original. Either way, the new Ash won’t be anything like Bruce Campbell. Not even close. According to Bloody Disgusting, Ash is … a girl?

Yes, Ghost House and Mandate Pictures have cast “Mirror Mirror” star Lily Collins as Mia, who is the lead in the film. A female version of Campbell’s Ash. This decision is certainly going to rile up the horror crowd!

In this version of the film, five friends (including Mia) discover a Book of the Dead while in a remote cabin. A demonic force is unleashed and each one becomes possessed. Mia is up in the cabin to detox, adding a drug sub-plot.

“The Evil Dead” is trying for a release date of April 12th, 2013. We just know you have an opinion about this. Start your online rantings below.

Posted by:jbusch