Dick_bigbrother8_240 “Big Brother 11” just got a little more annoying this summer. Dick and Janelle are back to do a weekly podcast and he said/she said weekly blog post.

I hate “Evil” Dick. I don’t think he’s a funny persona, I think he is an enormous jerk with anger issues who likes to throw adolescent tantrums and can’t deal with the fact that he’s not 25 years old anymore. On his season of “Big Brother,” he kept up the persona most of the time, but every once in awhile the mask would slip and we’d see just how disturbed he really was.

As for Janelle… I want to throttle her with her “Baby make it nice” t-shirt.

Anyway, the two have teamed up for coverage of the show this summer. Dick told BBDish:

I will be doing my weekly webcast for Real Player again this year. RealPlayer Superpass has given me my own tab in their browser, which will closely link my website and my myspace, etc… They have been great to work with, and our relationship is solid.

I have some fun guests lined up, and we will be out on locations more this season. We will also have more past houseguests … The viewers were out in huge numbers for the show last year, and I don’t see any reason why that would change.

I will also be doing a weekly webcast with Janelle to fill the void left by the Cancellation of Housecalls. It will be a call in show that will talk about the feeds and anything and everything else going on in the house and being talked about on the internet. I will be in studio while Janelle will be in NYC, but will be as good as sitting next to me co-hosting the show (well, as good as for you people, but I am getting jipped [sic].) We will also be doing a “He said, She said” type blog or column.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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