March 2010   Ewan McGregor Ewan McGregor on the thrill of falling in love with Jim Carrey
Ewan McGregor‘s naughty bits have been onscreen almost as often — if not more — than Harvey Keitel‘s. 
His backside debuted in” What the Butler Saw” and his frontside has been seen in “Trainspotting,” “The Pillow Book,” and  “Velvet Goldmine.” Not that we’re keeping count or anything.
But those films are tame to his upcoming movie, “I Love You Phillip Morris,” costarring Jim Carrey.

]]>Based on a true love story, the movie follows Steven Russell, a sociopath/con artist played by Carrey and his relationship with Phillip Morris, played by McGregor.

Ewan tells Out magazine why he thinks the film, a hit at the 2009 Sundance fest, has been delayed in release.
First, there’s a lot of sex. A lot of gay sex. And part of the delay may have been due to Carrey’s holiday movie, “A Christmas Carol.”
“There was talk that Disney fended off the release until after ‘A Christmas Carol’ came out. They didn’t want kids thinking [Carrey’s] Ebenezer Scrooge was a bender,” he tells Out.
Some have said it’s not a gay movie. But McGregor disagrees. “It’s about a gay couple, about a man’s sexuality, and he comes out. It’s not the point of the film, but let’s not pretend it’s not a gay film.”
Gay or straight, it’s the love story that fascinates McGregor. “I like playing someone who’s falling in love because I like the sensation of it. People do extraordinary things when they’re falling in love.”
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Photo: Out magazine