Last night, The CW threw a 90210 party at Kokomo Cafe — the location of the very first 21st Century Peach Pit scenes (paparazzi attention forced producers to build a replica of the cafe on set) — and I was pleasantly surprised to see Mr. Jason Priestley in attendance. Though he hasn’t yet begun directing his episode of the show, he came by to chat with reporters and meet some of the cast members he’ll be shepherding come next week. He’s clearly looking forward to the experience. When I asked him about the script he’s working with, he smiled and said genuinely, it’s gonna be really cool. I couldn’t get him to spill any details, but I did uncover a few facts via other sources: Jason
will be directing hour 18, an episode focusing on Silver and some sort of major freak out she’s having. Word is, she’ll disappear after issues with Dixon arise and she’ll be under great mental duress. In fact, I’m hearing she ends up under doctors’ care at Cedars Sinai Hospital for some reason.

But the best news? Insiders tell me that Donna Martin’s (Tori Spelling) return to the 90210 scene will likely have something to do with Silver’s breakdown, seeing as Silver is her sister-in-law… (oh, yeah!) And you know what that means, Donna and David must still be together! My heart is warmed by this news, you too?

Now, I don’t yet know whether or not Tori/Donna will show up in time for Jason’s 90210-2.0 directing debut, but I’ve got my fingers crossed for her surprise arrival by the end of ep 18. One thing I do know for sure, J.P. will definitely be working with his former TV flame Jennie Garth and her TV mom Ann Gillespie, who is making a return appearance. Now if only we could get the notorious Brian Austin Green on board…

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Posted by:Korbi Ghosh