, how I love thee, let me count the ways… Not only is the love of my TV life, Mr. Will Arnett, popping into the building this season to reprise his role as the hot-for-Kenneth Devon Banks, but now you’re bringing another old "friend" of ours back to TV. As we learned late last week, Jennifer Aniston will guest star on the Emmy-winning series, though no information on her character has been released. Until now. I’ve done some digging, people, and I’m bringing you the dirt.

My well-informed sources say Aniston plays Liz and Jenna’s old roommate from Chicago, who pays them a visit in the Big Apple. She’s a free spirit who loves to party and isn’t opposed to sleeping around. In fact, a certain slick, Republican 30 Rocker will catch her eye. That’s right. Move over Condoleezza Rice. Step aside Congresswoman C.C. Cunningham. There’s a new woman in Jack Donaghy’s bed and she looks a lot like the chick who used to bang Brad Pitt (and by "bang," I of course mean that she was married to him for more than four years).

Word is, their "relationship" won’t be the healthiest, as Donaghy gets addicted to Aniston’s character, and she becomes a total psycho… much to poor Liz Lemon’s disapproving chagrin.

Now, is this the stuff that Guest Starring Emmy Nods are made of, my friends? Are you happy that Aniston’s playing a character instead of cameo’ing as herself? Comment below.

Posted by:Korbi Ghosh