As you may have heard earlier today, Battlestar Galactica‘s President Laura Roslin, also known as the amazing Ms. Mary McDonnell, has been in talks to join Grey’s Anatomy for a multi-episode arc later this season. Well, inside sources have now exclusively confirmed to me that McDonnell’s deal is indeed done, and the Oscar, Golden Globe and Emmy-nominated actress will be appearing on the medical rom-com as a doctor. Why she ends up at Seattle Grace and who she’ll be working with is still, however, a mystery. Any guesses?

Grey’s will, of course, return for its fifth season this Thursday with a two-hour premiere that I think most fans will find quite satisfying. My inbox has been bombarded with Seattle Grace-related questions over the last couple weeks, so let’s answer a few…

Korbi, I enjoyed watching your Erica Hahn interview! Although I’m not so sure I like this Callie-Hahn relationship idea. What do you think? -Steph

It seems Callie and Hahn are a bit unsure about it themselves. They’ll spend most of the season opener avoiding each other. Turns out neither ladies has any prior girl-on-girl experience, so neither is totally comfortable with the kiss they shared. But Callie will soon reap the benefits of Hahn’s desire to become a better teacher and that could be the catalyst for the beginning of a real romantic bond between them.

Please, please, please tell me Alex and Izzie will get together on Grey’s this season. They belong together, I’ve been waiting for it for so long! -Gina
Alex and Izzie’s relationship will continue along a rocky path with ups and downs, but do I think they’ll get it on this season? Mhmmm.

I’m really excited for the return of Jeffrey Dean Morgan in Grey’s Anatomy‘s season premiere. What can you tell me about it? -Kate

I can tell you that Denny’s appearance is tasteful and appropriate, as opposed to soapy and silly. But you may be disappointed by his amount of screen time.

What’s up with the Grey sisters of Seattle Grace Hospital, Korbi? I love Lexie and I just want Meredith to be her friend! -Julie
Meredith’s main concern this season is her relationship with Derek — who’s moving in with her, btw — and of course, her true love, Cristina. Besides, Lexie’s about to find out that Meredith slept with George — who Lexie’s now totally in love with — and that could complicate things further.

Great Emmy stuff, Korbi. I’m so jealous that you got to talk to Sandra Oh. Did her face really light up when you mentioned Kevin McKidd? -Melly

Totally. And my face lit up when I saw a sneak peek of the two of them on screen together. His character is a real bad a-s and a nice match for Cristina…

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