andy kindler myeloma foundation comedy celebration nov 9 2013 Zap2it First: Andy Kindler drives into 'Sirens' Season 2

The USA comedy “Sirens” will be welcoming another hilarious face in its sophomore season. The network exclusively revealed to Zap2it that comedian Andy Kindler will be guest starring in Season 2 of the comedy about three paramedics working in Chicago. 
Kindler, who some might recognize as the voice of Mort on “Bob’s Burgers,” will be playing Bobbie Meds. The name is ironic since Bobbie is described as “a high-functioning drug addict who chronically attempts to abuse the emergency services with fake or exaggerated injuries in the hopes of free painkillers.” 
“The world [of “Sirens”] has been built out a lot,” actor Michael Mosley (Johnny) explains to Zap2it during a recent set visit to the comedy series. “We have a hospital now so we’re new people in.”
Kindler will join “Awkward” star Nikki DeLoach and “You’re the Worst’s” Aya Cash as part of the new faces coming to the half-hour comedy. 
“Sirens” Season 2 is set to return in early 2015 and will find Johnny, Hank and Brian up to more hijinks than ever. Johnny will be settling into living with Theresa and getting reacquainted with his father.  Brian will be finding out exactly how difficult a relationship with an asexual person is. 
“We know a lot more about [our characters]. Bob [Singer] and Dennis [Leary] know a lot more about our characters so we’re a lot more comfortable,” Mosley says. “The pay off is the second season where you can just pick the characters up and put them in any situation,” Kevin Bigley (Brian) adds. 
If you’re not familiar with Kindler’s comedy work, check out his stand-up in the video below. 
Posted by:Megan Vick