Last Summer, FX’s Glenn Close drama, Damages, unfolded like an addictive thriller novel. The single frustration? We had to settle for just one chapter a week. However, when the season’s 13 episodes finally came to an end, the resolution was more than satisfying. But a year later, we’re still dying to know what’s next. With the show several months away from its season two debut, I went in search of a few spoilers — Patty Hewes-style. Oh yes, documents were stolen, people’s lives put in danger — to tide ravenous fans over. Here’s what I uncovered…

Arthur Frobisher Ain’t Dead Yet:
Lest you think we’ve seen the last of Ted Danson, think again. Season one’s crooked, rich dude returns — alive, but not necessarily well. Word is he’ll be laid up in a hospital bed, having undergone several surgeries to save his life. Even sadder, his wife and kids will not be at his side.

Ellen Will Be In Therapy: In the season premiere, we’ll see a savvier, strong-willed Ellen Parsons, though still struggling with the cataclysmic events of the past. I’m hearing forgiveness versus revenge may be a major theme.

Patty Hasn’t Changed Much:
Despite the death and destruction she has caused, Patty Hewes will bounce back into business-as-usual before you know it. Determined to get what she wants, as always, I’m told she’ll tackle a new case in the season premiere. Still by her side will be her husband Phil (Michael Nouri), Uncle Pete (Tom Aldredge), Tom Shayes (Tate Donovan) and son Michael (Zachary Booth), who I’m hearing may now have his life together.

The New Case: There are rumors of two season-long litigations. One, a class action lawsuit against a major insurance company, and the other, having to do with public health and a company’s possible violations. I’m told the Environmental Protection Agency could be involved.

The New Characters: So far, I’ve caught wind of four major players. Harvey Arsenault — another possibly crooked, rich dude — will have a personal and professional relationship with Patty. There is also Daniel Purcell, a troubled husband and father in his late 50s who seems to have gotten himself into a mess of trouble, which leads him to P.H. Either role could be a good fit for actor William Hurt, who will join the show this season, along with Deadwood‘s Timothy Olyphant whose character will become entangled with Ellen. And finally, there’s Claire Maddox, an attractive, tough attorney in her early 40s, who may go head-to-head with one Ms. Hewes…

Your thoughts on the above intel? These developments, combined with Ellen’s (and the FBI’s) ongoing mission to take Patty Hewes down, could make for an even better second season, if that’s possible…

Posted by:Korbi Ghosh