michael welch marissa lefton EXCLUSIVE: Twilight' star Michael Welch on 'Eclipse' action,  'a new breed of vampires'
“Twilight” saga actor Michael Welch (a.k.a. Mike Newton) spills the beans exclusively to The Dish Rag about what’s coming up in “Eclipse.”


“‘Eclipse’ will be awesome,” he reveals. “It’s actually my favorite book in the series. We’re introducing a lot of new characters. The vampires and the werewolves expand. There is a new breed of vampires. I know that all-out war breaks out. It’s going to be really fun. A lot of my cast mates worked really hard in training to do a lot of the acrobatic stuff.”  
We’re guessing he means Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson? Safe bet.
But about that rumored “Twilight: Breaking Dawn” 3D two-parter? “I don’t know if I’ll be in that. Not sure yet. I hope so though,” he says.
Because we ran into Michael at the Valentine Romance ‘Sneak Peek’ Oscar Suite checking out Rocks Concrete and precious stone jewelry by Miles McNeel, we had to ask about his VD plans with his gorgeous actress girlfriend Marissa Lefton. He took her to the premiere of “New Moon.” 
But duh, he’s not gonna spill deets, right? Not like some guys we know. Are you listening, John Mayer?
But Michael did say this is the first time they’ve not been working so they can celebrate together. We also suspect she may be getting some of the jewelry he was looking at.
But he did tell The Dish Rag, “My fantasy someday, is with her of course, to fly in a hot air balloon over the Eiffel tower, sprinkle roses all over Paris and drop chocolates onto people’s heads.” 
Sounds romantic. Not sure how the Parisians will feel about being hit with thorny roses and gooey chocolates, though. Reporting: Leah Sydney
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Photo credits: WireImage
Reporting: Leah Sydney