Are you watching The CW’s Privileged on Tuesday nights? Rina Mimoun — whose career I’ve followed since she took the Everwood reins from Greg Berlanti, so he could focus on building his future TV empire — is hoping so and wants fans to know there is some seriously good stuff on tap. "We’re taking our time
building the stories. The bigger, better stuff comes a little bit
later," she told me when we talked a couple days ago. "That’s kind of the school that I learned from, take your time,
plant the seed."

So what’s to come? Well, sadly, we’re saddled with a rerun this week. But starting next Tuesday, in the show’s fifth episode, the seeds begin to bloom. A tease to tide you over…

Megan’s love triangle is about to blow up:
Jacob has a secret, which will be revealed. And sweet Charlie — who has finally decided to close the door on Megan — is going dark. "She will be deliciously
clueless, not understanding what happened to
her best friend," Rina revealed. "And we have a fabulous young actress named Alice Greczyn coming
in as a potential love interest for Charlie."

As for Will, make no mistake, the spark between him and Megan is definitely there. "We feel that Will and Charlie
are very much our Noel and Ben," Rina laughed, referring of course to the famous Felicity characters. "Clearly Charlie is Noel
and Ben is Will. They’re both similarly aloof, sort of that handsome
playboy thing where you’re not sure if they’re going to come around."

We’re finally meeting Megan’s dad: After hearing so much about his shortcomings, the man himself will make an impression in episode six, and his presence may be the catalyst for more Lily-Megan drama. Rina said there’s a great, horrible dinner party on the horizon. Kristinaapgar
"Megan and Lily’s [dysfunctional] relationship is
going to come to a head when
the Will-Lily relationship reaches a new level in a couple weeks.
Lily goes through a lot," Rina shared. "She’s not a regular on the show, she’s recurring, so she’s not in every episode, but she still has the most crap happening to her. She’s the girl that you’re not sure whether you feel badly for her because she can’t catch a
freakin’ break or if she’s just making these
problems for herself." She did, after all, steal Rose’s tennis bracelet and, as you may have guessed, that incident will rear its ugly head in a most unfortunate way.

Sage and Rose are coming to blows:
At this point, we have a pretty good sense of the tight bond between the twins. But apparently, they aren’t always going to be so lovey dovey.
They’re about to come up against one of their bigger splits, there will
be a huge fight between them and we’ll finally see the reality underneath that sweet sisterhood.

Laurel will be exposed:

Right before Megan’s eyes, Laurel will begin to crumble a bit. We’ll be clued
into why she is the way she is and what happened between her and her

Sage is gettin’ some: "We clipped our Rose-Max
relationship a little quicker than we’d planned to, because people hated him so much after the third episode with the sex," Rina told me. "I
kind of figured that we would play with that a
little more, but the reaction was, we never want to see Max again.
Ever. So I was like, all right, all right."
However, Privileged is now in the process
of casting Sage’s first love interest, who’ll show up
around episode ten, and for Sage, it’s going to be a big deal because she’s normally so guarded.
Her walls will start to crumble when she falls for a guy who doesn’t exactly come Ashleynewbroughfrom the same world as she does. Said Rina, "Sage is a character that’s so
protective of her feelings and she is keeping the biggest secret of all. There
is a reason she is the way she is and it’s something Rose doesn’t even know, and it has to do with their parents…"

Posted by:Korbi Ghosh