the exorcist tv series warner bros 'Exorcist' TV series could be spinning heads soonIt appears the recent successes of “Bates Motel” and “Hannibal” have compelled Morgan Creek to reinvent “The Exorcist” for TV. (Get it?)

Deadline reports that, on the eve of William Friedkin’s classic horror film’s 40th anniversary, a TV series that takes on the William Peter Blatty book is taking shape. Morgan Creek, which has the rights to the property, is shopping around an “Exorcist” drama series written by young feature writer Jeremy Slater (the upcoming “Fantastic Four” reboot).

According to the report, there is interest in the series from both broadcast and cable networks. Roy Lee, exec producer of “The Departed” and “The Ring,” is on tap to executive producer the potential show.

Last development season, Morgan Creek and Lee tried to sell a limited series based on “The Exorcist” with a different writer, Sean Durkin. It’s reported that Slater’s vision will be something new.

How “The Exorcist” could translate to anything beyond a limited mini-series is anyone’s guess. Are you excited about the possibility or does it have you spewing pea soup?

Posted by:Billy Nilles