kiefer sutherland 24 Expect a '24' movie in 2012. We have the 411.Look alert, Jack Bauer fans. Your hero is fighting his way back to a screen near you, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Though CTU’s most trouble-fraught counter-terrorism agent is trading up — the now-ended Fox drama “24” is expected in bona fide movie theaters sometime in 2012.

So proclaims producer Brian Grazer, who on Monday (April 11) tweeted, “Got off the phone Keifer [Sutherland] yesterday and we are very excited about producing the ’24’ movie for next year.” (Note to Grazer: It’s “Kiefer.”)

The Sutherland-fronted show ran for eight seasons before ending in 2010 and rumors of a big screen adaptation have swirled since. Will the real-time narrative translate to the big screen? Will a two-hour feature film be the equivalent of two Bauer days? Could Jack Bauer be the next Jason Bourne? Could Jack Bauer beat Jason Bourne in a fist fight? 

What do you think? Should “24” make the leap to the multiplex?

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson