expedition impossible 'Expedition Impossible' recap: Can't Look Before You LeapPreviously: The Valley Girls had trouble on their rappels. Somewhat Limited had trouble with Erik’s footing on rough terrain. New York’s Worst Calendar Ever had trouble with hanging on to their fish fossil. Gypsy John went down with an ankle injury. Team Gay Angst caught its second wind and took first place. NY’sWCE was eliminated. Eight teams remain.

We open with a Moroccan sunrise. Teams chill at the overnight camp and prepare for the day ahead of them. In TH, Gay Angst AJ says they knew that at the halfway point they’d still be in the competition and anything other than first place will be a disappointment. Meanwhile, the sprained ankle which allowed Team Gay Angst to pull ahead into first place last time is still swollen and bruised. Gypsy John sits with his team as his ankle is taped up by the show’s medical staff. Gypsy Taylor says it’s not a good feeling starting off this stage knowing John will be hobbled.

Dave Salmoni calls out to the teams to assemble, sounding about as interested as I am writing anything about Salmoni. Stage six will be a single-day stage. The first part will involve using a hand line to cross the Abid River. Then, a half mile on foot to the town of Cascade d’Ouzoud. Once there, teams will be instructed to search through a rug stall for a particular rug. For the first time in the expedition, a team other than The Moustaches will get the head-start. Team Gay Angst embarks as AJ says they knew how easy it is for change to happen and they have targets on their backs now. Moustaches, Akbar And The Players, and The S.W.A.T. make up the first group of teams to start after Team Gay Angst. Gypsy John expects his ankle will hold up. The rest of the teams are lumped into the next group. It’s Finding Nino, Somewhat Limited, The Rednecks, and The Valley Girls. In a jarring TH, Joe of Finding Nino tells us the fishermen will need to stay on their teammate Gus’ pace because he is their weakest link. That’s not obvious foreshadowing at all, show editors.

The search at the rug stall at the first checkpoint involves looking for a rug with five large, rectangular holes cut into it. Teams will have to search for the eight punctured rugs among hundreds of other rugs in the stall. Once they find one, they must hold it up against a local street sign to form directions to the next checkpoint in a sort of reverse Mad Libs reveal. As we watch AJ order Kari around, he tells us it wasn’t as easy as it sounds to look for that rug. There were hundreds to search through. At this point, all of the teams are somewhat bunched up looking through the rugs like, “Really? We’re in Morocco scavenging through dirty, smelly rugs for this competition?” Football Player Robert is the first to find a rug with holes in it. The Players take off toward the street signs and figure out the secret message after a couple bad tries at lining up the holes on the words. The decrypted messages says “Go to the waterfall.” Teams must now trek two miles to the base of the Ouzoud Falls to reach the next checkpoint. Behind Akbar’s Players, the rest of the teams are still struggling. Even The Moustaches guys grab a rug which doesn’t have enough holes and have to start over. Somewhat Limited is the next to find their rug and they head off in second place. The S.W.A.T. follows closely behind thanks to solid teamwork when trying to decipher the message. Then, it’s Moustaches, Valley Girls, and Rednecks in that order. Team Gay Angst has fallen from first to seventh. AJ blames Kari for continuing to place the rugs she searches through onto his pile, but really it seems to just be bad luck.

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