expedition impossible 'Expedition Impossible' recap: The Cold of the MorrockiesPreviously: Mackenzie’s baby scrapes and whining about missing prom. There’s reference to Chad having endurance problems, but that was totally not highlighted in the last episode. Grandpa’s Warriors were sent home. Ten teams remain.

We’ve switched scenery for stage four of the expedition. From the heat of the Sahara we now move to the frigid temps of the High Atlas Mountains. Temperatures here are below freezing. Dave Salmoni has assembled the teams and reminds them that their first challenge in the expedition was to hike up a sand dune. Now, they will be climbing a mountain. The Rednecks’ Chad says he gets dizzy just thinking of high altitudes. Before the teams are on their way, all team members have been issued bracelets, which will come into play in a later challenge. Once again, the valiant Moustaches will get a head start for coming in first in the last stage, but before they’re off, Salmoni offers the teams this wisdom: “Be strong. Work together. And never give up.” Pff… Thank you very much; that’s what we’ve been doing all along, Mr. Roboto!

Moustaches’ John does the customary TH praising the second-place Somewhat Limited so we can feel like there’s some sort of actual competition happening. He says they’re smart. Let’s see if they’re smart enough to poison a camel or something so we can see another team in the lead for once. Somewhat Limited and Rednecks are the first group to follow Moustaches up the mountain. Ike of Somewhat Limited thinks his team has an advantage on the cold mountain since they’re from Colorado. Wow, Somewhat Limited is smart! There is hope yet. The next group to start stage four consists of Akbar, Team Gay Angst, and New York’s Worst Calendar Ever. The story here is AJ is feeling under the weather and Ryan’s knee is banged up. Wait… Ryan’s knee is messed up? Way to glance over that and focus on Mackenzie’s ankle booboos last time, show editors. Next group up is S.W.A.T., Valley Girls, We Get It — You’re Not In Kansas Anymore, and Finding Nino. WGIYNIKA Kelsey’s explains there’s snow in Kansas, but no real mountains. You’re going to make me say it, aren’t you? You were in Kansas at one point, but currently that is not where you are physically present.

It’s 28 degrees out there on the mountain. That’s not too bad. I’m surprised they did not include windchill information here because at that altitude I’m sure they could’ve made it sound way colder than four degrees below freezing. Somewhat Limited trudges on behind Moustaches and that terrain is insane. Erik navigates it with the help of Jeff and Ike, and really it’s an amazing thing to watch. There are jagged rocks and boulders in every step of Erik’s path. He ends up running into a large boulder he really couldn’t have predicted, but overall he’s doing a great job.

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