expedition impossible 'Expedition Impossible' recap: The One Where They Rappel TwicePreviously: It was cold. Somewhat Limited and The Moustaches got a little buddy-buddy. The Valley Girls were stranded at a challenge, but rescued by New York’s Worst Calendar Ever. Team Gay Angst hit rock bottom with infighting. The Moustaches won the stage yet again. Rednecks beat We Get It – You’re Not In Kansas Anymore, eliminating them and allowing them to return to their precious state. Nine teams remain.

Teams have assembled. Stage five will be another two-day stage. We’re needlessly reminded The Moustaches have won every stage so far. The first checkpoint for stage five will be at an artist’s tent where they’ll find instructions for the location of the overnight camp. In a bit of a supposed twist, the first team to the overnight camp this time will be given the reward of being able to contact their loved ones. Seems a three minute head-start just isn’t cutting it as incentive anymore. Somewhat Limited’s Jeff likes the idea of the reward in TH because he really misses his wife and kid. Like last episode, he claims his team will make a big charge.

The Moustaches get their customary head start as John says they still feel really good. NY’sWCE, Somewhat Limited and Akbar And The Players are the next group of teams to start the stage. NY’sWCE Rob remarks that it feels good to be included in the second pack of teams. Finding Nino, Rednecks, Team Gay Angst, S.W.A.T and Valley Girls make up the last group to embark. Kari reminds us Ryan and AJ have been ailing, so she considers herself team leader, which is good because she also claims she’s super competitive and doesn’t want to go home. Those are the marks of a good leader, Kari.

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